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“Bronze utensils are unique dinnerware that reserve 97% of  micronutrients. There are lot of health benefits associate with it”


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Our continuous R&D empowers us to produce even-sized and innovative utensils out of pure bronze sheet metal. Bronze sheet metal utensils are more durable than made of any other production technique. 

Health benefits of Bronze, Brass, and Copper Utensils

Improved health of connective tissue, hair and eye sight

Regulated health rhythm, balanced thyroid glads

Quick wound healing

Reduced cholesterol

Improved in hearing and hair losses 

Reduced depression  

Balanced blood thickness rate

Benefits in acidity problems (Acid reflux)


Bronze / Kansa / Kanchu / Bell Metal

There is a spark in creation that brings so many auras in ancient wisdom such as the one transcended through Kansa Kitchenware. Kansa the Indian name for Bell metal is a hard alloy usually a form bronze, with approximately 4:1 ratio of copper to the tin. Different places call it with a different name like Assam calls it kanh while in West Bengal and Odisha, Kansa. It is widely used for cooking and eating utensils. Ayurveda: The mystery of the metal has been continuously been unfolding since the Bronze Age, about 3000 years ago. Ayurveda further taught us that eating and drinking from alkalinizing metals like Kansa vessels have wellness benefits for our health and well being. Kansa kitchenware is also called the hands of grace. In the 5th chapter and 46th verse, of famous grantha ‘Rasratnasamucchaya’ (‘रसरत्नसमुच्चय’), we find significant information about Kansa Kitchenware on medicinal properties and its benefits to humans. Kansa Kitchenware is also used for its therapeutic applications. It can be easily identified as it gives a sharp sound (Teekshna Shabdam), is soft (Mridu), and smooth to touch (Snigdha). It is slightly grayish (Eshat Shyamalan) and is clear from impurities. Kansara word belongs to kansa because kansara community has been manufacturing kansa since ancient age.

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Janakktp is powered by Janak 100% Pure bronze. We have more than 300 Bronze, Copper, and Brass utensils. All products are 100% pure and unique quality. More than 155 kansa utensils such as kansa dinner set, pooja set, kansa dinner plate, kansa thali, kansa glass, and kansa spoon. Janak manufacturers 100% pure kansa utensils. Copper utensils like water bottles, drinking pot or pitchers, and copper glasses. Brass utensils, for example, kadai, tapeli, khalbatta, parat etc. For more details, click to the our online store button.

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