Janak Copper Tower Bottle (Antique Carving)

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  • FEATURES: Elevate your hydration experience with the Janak Brand 900 ml Copper Bottle. Expertly crafted with antique carvings, this stylish bottle seamlessly blends traditional artistry with modern elegance. Made from high-quality copper, it not only enhances the aesthetic appeal but also offers potential health benefits, making it a perfect companion for a healthy lifestyle. Ideal for daily use or as a unique gift, this copper bottle stands out with its intricate design and practical functionality.
  • CAPACITY:  900 ml.
  • DESIGN: Copper Tower Bottle (Antique Carving) is highly durable, is leak-proof cap design for spill-free use, and is completely Jointless.
  • MULTIPLE USES: This copper bottle can be used for home and office.
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Copper Tower Bottle (Antique Carving)



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Health benefits of Copper

The health benefits of copper include proper growth of the body, efficient utilization of iron, proper enzymatic reactions, as well as improved health of connective tissues, hair, and eyes. It is also integral for preventing premature aging and increasing energy production. Apart from these, regulated heart rhythm, balanced thyroid glands, reduced symptoms of arthritis, quick wound healing, increased red blood cell formation, and reduced cholesterol are other health benefits of copper. The health benefits of copper are crucial for an overall healthy existence, as this mineral enables normal metabolic processes in association with amino acids and vitamins. It cannot be produced within the body and therefore needs to be added from external food sources. It is the third most prevalent mineral in the body and it is mostly carried by the blood plasma protein, Ceruloplasmin. In order to enjoy the health benefits of copper, it must be included in the daily diet, as it is used up in daily bodily processes.


Do not use for storing acidic liquids, fruits juices & vinegar to remove tarnish from copper pots use lemon halves dipped in salt or copper cleaner or buttermilk to remove the patches of corrosion. after treating, wash promptly soap and water, rinse and dry.



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