Bronze (Kansa) Massage Machine


Benefits of Ayurvedic Bronze (Kansa) Massage

  • Revitalization of head, neck and shoulder muscles
  • Reduced pain in head and face
  • Lifting of skin on the face (natural rejuvenation)
  • Easing muscle tension
  • Detoxification
  • Unification of mind, body, and spirit
  • Easier to fall into deep, restorative sleep at night
  • Improving problems related to poor circulation
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Even though modern technology has bestowed us with many high-tech dermatological treatments, humble foot-massage is having a major moment. We already know that foot massage can help reduce puffiness, give the body organ (especially face)  a lifted appearance (at least temporarily) and, by bringing oxygen to the skin, helps to boost glow. The simple hold foot on machine massage helps reduce tension.

By using the Kansa massage to drain lymph, you’re stimulating your skin’s own natural  healing abilities, which means bouncier, firmer, brighter, and more lifted skin.”And while jade rollers and hands are certainly effective, it turns out there is an extra perk that comes with the use of a Kansa thanks to the metal referenced in its name. Because the metal is alkaline, when you use a Kansa massage machine, it can apparently help balance the skin’s pH. “Ideal skin pH contributes to maximal hydration, minimal inflammation, and of course prevention against aging. This is obviously a cherry on top of the benefits of massage.

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